Web Development Flex Program

You want to accelerate your career with digital skills.
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Supporting New Brunswick Youth

The Web Development Flex Program is a fully supported, 30-week training program for youth between the ages of 18-29 who are not currently employed in a post-secondary educational program or in a training program.

TechImpact, in partnership with Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency, WorkingNB, the Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative Inc. (BCAPI) and Lighthouse Labs, will lead this pilot project to train 20 New Brunswick-based youth with the web development skills that they need to enter into the province’s IT workforce.


Program Quick Facts:

  • Next Start Date: September 18, 2023
  • Application deadline: July 17th, 2023
  • Course prep work dates: The start of the four week prep will be August 14, 2023 and needs to be completed by September 11, 2023
  • Instructor-led virtually with physical space at ConnexionWorks, a co-working space in Uptown SJ, for the learners to utilize for the training
  • Access to tuition and individualized wrap-around support plans and services
  • Paid internship opportunities available upon course completion

This session is open to all! Whether you’re a job-seekers, an upcoming or recent college or university graduate, or are tech-curious with no technical background, come and learn more about what’s happening in tech in New Brunswick.

On-Demand Mentorship
Robust Career Support
Flexible Program in 30 weeks
Immersive Remote Learning

Our priority is getting you trained in the digital skills you need to succeed professionally in the most efficient and effective way possible. With Web Flex, we’re expanding the ways we accommodate the unique shapes of your lives. Through an immersive remote learning format and a balance struck between lectures, projects, mentorship, and group work, the Web Development Flex program gives you another option for how you can learn.

No previous coding education or experience is required to attend Lighthouse Labs program.

This program has been approved by the Canadian Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

What You Will Learn


JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web. You’ll become familiar with solving problems using the language and writing client-side scripts to create dynamic content.

Node.js & React JS

JavaScript is better with its tools. Learn to use Node.js and React to increase JavaScript’s usefulness. Using Node, execute scripts outside of a web browser. With the React library and its tools, build stronger user interfaces and use automated testing.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby, when paired with the Rails framework, is among the most versatile, intuitive, and practical programming languages. You’ll learn about key concepts like the MVC design pattern and communicating with databases.

HTML, CSS, & More

HTML and CSS are essential components for the web. Learn to use this duo to write, modify, and read code in well-structured, easily-maintained ways, and apply the techniques of responsive web design.

Networking & HTTP

It’s critical to understand the distinctions between client and server-side code and the responsibilities each carries. Learn the fundamentals of HTTP, how to interpret its codes, and how to use it to retrieve data.

SQL & Relational Databases

Learning to use relational databases is essential for designing web applications. Use SQL to expertly manage the data held in relational databases.

Inside the Web Development Flex Program Curriculum

Download our curriculum package for a more detailed look at the Web Development Flex curriculum, educational philosophy, and the support structures used to guide you throughout your program journey and beyond.

Program Benefits

Participants will be fully supported throughout the program, and will receive the following support in addition to the course work:

  • Full tuition support
  • Access to wrap-around support services on a case-by-case basis
  • Paid internship opportunities upon completion of the program 
  • Career services throughout the program offered by TechImpact

 For more information about the support available for this program, please contact TechImpact’s Digital Skills Program Manager, Sophie Leonard, at sophie.leonard@techimpact.it

Program Eligibility

To receive full support for the Web Development Flex Program, learners must:

Be a resident of New Brunswick legally entitled to work in Canada for the duration of the program and live in New Brunswick, preferably the Saint John region Be comfortable engaging with instructors and other supports virtually
Be between the age of 18-29Be prepared to commit to 8 months of online learning
Hold a minimum of a high school diploma or GEDBe prepared to complete the 70-hours of pre-work once accepted
Be unemployed or underemployedAble to commit to part-time learning 2 days a week plus home study
Have an aptitude and interest in coding and working in tech Be ready to work in a team, study, and work outside of the dedicated class time
Be at a English language level CLB 5


Are you ready to take the next step? 

1.  Apply Now:  Click here to fill out the application form

2.  Pre Application Approval:  You will be contacted by TechImpact’s Digital Skills Program Manager to review your eligibility to be able to continue on in the application process. This is also your opportunity to ask TechImpact questions. 

3.  Lighthouse Labs Application:  Once pre-approved to officially apply to the Web Development Flex Program, you’ll be given the link to apply on the Lighthouse Labs website. They will take you through an interview process to learn more about you and this is another opportunity to have any course-specific questions answered. 

4.  Logic and Tech Assessment:  After the interview with Lighthouse Labs, you’ll be sent study material that will prepare you for the assessments. No coding experience is necessary! You’ll complete them on your own time within 2 weeks. 

5.  Enroll and Prep for Course:  Once you are accepted and before starting, you’ll need to spend 70 hours completing prep modules. These will introduce you to the basic technologies you’ll use throughout program. You will need to complete these at least 1 week before your first day of the program.