Tech Talent Plus

Attention New Brunswick employers. Are you looking to attract and retain highly skilled talent to support digital transformation within your company? 

New Brunswick employers tell us that finding and retaining employees with specialized skills for the digital economy is challenging because they don’t have the resources, understanding, confidence or experience to effectively attract and match qualified candidates to their evolving business strategy and resourcing needs. 

Tech Talent Plus is a comprehensive training program and toolkit designed to help New Brunswick small and medium businesses overcome the challenges associated with recruiting highly skilled technical talent in a competitive global market.  

This program will equip New Brunswick employers and supporting organizations with advanced strategies, skills and actionable tools focused on strategic workforce planning, digital first recruitment, and attracting qualified candidates that align to your business needs and company culture. 

Program Format: 

Tech Talent Plus pilot program will be delivered virtually over three weeks starting the week of November 14, 2022. The first three modules of this pilot program will be delivered at no cost to selected participants. 

Each week, program participants will engage with a self-directed learning module that will provide them with knowledge, skills and downloadable resources. 

Each self-directed module will be followed by a pre-scheduled one-hour live interactive implementation call hosted by an expert facilitator on Microsoft Teams. The live calls will help participants apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge with action plans that will be completed before the next scheduled live session. 

Program content: 

  1. The Importance of Digital First Talent Strategy 

In this module, participants will gain skills to develop an effective digital first recruitment strategy including: The New Brunswick and global war for talent Understanding the impact of a digital workforce Digital fundamentals for non digital humans Analyzing and anticipating current and future workforce requirements Budgeting for the digital workforce Prioritizing hires Tools for workforce strategy execution 

  1. Attracting Top Talent 

In this module, participants will learn what it takes to attract high quality candidates including: Building and leveraging your employer brand New Brunswick as a competitive advantage Attracting talent to New Brunswick Understanding where your ideal candidates hang out (beyond traditional job boards) 

  1. Selecting and Hiring Top Talent  

In this module, participants will learn how to effectively screen, interview and hire top talent including: Developing your candidate selection criteria Mapping your candidate journey Effective interviewing and getting beyond the technical qualifications Alternative and supplemental screening techniques Presenting and negotiating offers to local and international candidates 

Your commitment: 

  • You will complete all self-directed program work 
  • You will participate in all pre-scheduled live sessions  
  • You will put your newly gained knowledge and skills into practice  
  • You will ask questions and engage with other program participants  
  • You will share your success and challenges as learning opportunities  
  • You will provide feedback to the program facilitators Estimated time commitment 2-3 hours per week 

Our commitment: 

  • We will provide participants with a professionally curated learning experience 
  • We will provide access to expert facilitators who have experience with digital recruitment 
  • We will support participants through their challenges as they put these learnings into practice 
  • We will provide a safe and inclusive learning environment 
  • We will provide current information on the tech workforce and market conditions for hiring locally and globally 

How to apply: 

If you are interested in hearing about this program or would like to register for the next cohort of Tech Talent Plus, please complete the registration form.

If you have additional questions, please email