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*These programs are offered in English / Ces programmes sont offerts en anglais

Computer Science 

The study of computing includes the analysis of algorithms, the study of computer architectures, operating systems, networks, and software design. 

Ranging from hands-on applications to pure theory, Computer Science introduces students to all facets of the discipline. 

It also gives you an appreciation of the historical, ethical, and social context of computing, and the responsibility of the computer professional and casual computer user in a modern society. 

New! BA in Computer Science and Music — allows students to combine their interests and abilities in both technology and music, focusing on the practical applications of technology and the production of creative outputs that use technology 

Specialized areas include:

  • theory of computation
  • cryptography
  • artificial intelligence
  • databases
  • computer graphics
  • networks
  • software and hardware design

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Program options:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science

As a Bachelor of Arts student with a major in Computer Science, you’ll combine your computer science courses with courses in arts and letters, humanities, and social sciences.

BA honours Computer Science is also available.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science

As a Bachelor of Science student with a major in Computer Science, you’ll combine your computer science courses with courses in chemistry, physics, and other science courses.

BSc honours Computer Science is also available

Computer Science +

Some complimentary majors can be combined with Computer Science to create a unique degree. These include:

Minor in Computer Science

A minor in Computer Science consists of a selection of core and elective computer science courses and can be combined with any degree.


Geocomputing is an applied program that combines theory and practice of computer science and geography. 

Geocomputing offers a unique way to combine geographical and environmental skills with training in computer science. 

The program gives students expertise to study and understand spatial dimensions of social and environmental problems such as minimizing environmental impacts and identifying critical habitat. 

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Data Science 

Data Science is the emerging interdisciplinary study and application of how we capture, organize, archive, access, and use large-scale data. 

Data Science is a burgeoning field at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer coding, and critical thinking. It aims to draw insights from large databases available in the modern era through various processing techniques, statistical analysis, mathematical modelling, and data visualization. 

Only available as a minor or undergraduate certificate. 

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Program options:

A certificate in Data Management

Covers the theory, ethics, and practice of managing and presenting data resources. The certificate will empower students with tools to advance their work in their own discipline, and to progress to graduate or professional practice. (12 credits)

A certificate in Data Analytics

Covers conceptual approaches to analyses of large-scale data, which presents both challenges and opportunities. (18 credits)

A minor in Data Science

Combines both certificates, along with advanced statistics. (24 credits)